The ‘Explorers Room’ because scientists, young and old, explore through what they do.

The qualified and caring staff team in The Explorers Room cater for children upto 3 years old. In this room independence is encouraged so that the children can continue to explore their learning through continuous provision and planned activities based around their interests. The staff will introduce and encourage new skills at the child’s level, and in a fun and playful way. Skills are transferred and practiced on a larger, grander scale in the outside area.

Your child will continue accessing a variety of activities based across the 7 areas of learning within the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children explore with all of their senses so be prepared for them to get messy and regularly bring home a selection of masterpieces!!

Your child will be supported in the next stages of their development, for example potty training. Discussions will be held regularly with parents to ensure all their child’s needs are met. We will provide a place to sleep if a daytime sleep is still required by your child and cosy areas to just rest for a moment after a busy morning exploring.

Children will eat with their peers and learn appropriate social skills from older children in the large, shared dining room.

The focus on each child’s development is equalled by the all-important fun, cuddles, love, and a sense of security in a warm and caring environment.

Children are not limited to this room and move on to the next room when they are developmentally ready. They also have access to a variety of other rooms and experiences in the local community during their day.

Characteristicsof Effective Learning

Playing and exploring

Active learning

Creating and thinking critically

Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Communication and Language

Physical Development

Specific Areas



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design