What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?


How many staff will look after my child?

In line with Ofsted guidelines our staff-to-children ratios are:
Under 2 years: 1 adult to every 3 children; 2 -3 years: 1 adult to every 4 children; 3-5 years:1 adult to every 8 children; 5-8 years: 1 adult to every 8 children; 8+years: 1 adult to every 10 children

Do I need to bring anything to the nursery?

While your child is on formula milk you are required to provide us with measured-out formula; we will make up bottles as and when needed.
You will also need to supply nappies, wipes, creams, any comforters your child is used to and any medication required by your child.
We also ask parents to bring in at least one spare set of clothes (or more if your child is toilet training).
All outdoor weather Clothes. (Suncream, hat, wellies, jackets etc).

What happens if my child is taken ill at nursery?

If your child is taken ill we will contact you immediately. In some cases we may ask permission to give Calpol or another medication. We may ask you to come and collect your child if they are not well enough to be in nursery or have a contagious illness. It is important that your child is well before returning to nursery in the interests of other children.

Can I use childcare vouchers?

Yes. We are registered with all the main childcare voucher providers, however, if your employer uses one we are not registered with, we can register with them.
We are happy to accept childcare vouchers from both parents, even if they are from different voucher providers.

What is your mobile phone policy in the nursery?

All staff must leave their phones in the office when they report for work. In addition parents may bring a mobile phone into the nursery, however we stipulate that they are not brought out/used within the nursery.

What happens if I am delayed when collecting my child?

We understand that occasionally you may be delayed, however, we ask that you contact us as soon as you know you will be late so that we can make arrangements for staff to stay behind. As we have to pay two staff to stay behind, you may be subject to a surcharge, details of which are available on your contract. If we are unaware that you are going to be late we will endeavour to contact you, and/or your emergency contacts. If we are unable to make contact with anyone we will follow our Uncollected Child Procedure which is stated in the polices you will receive before completing your contract.

How do you help my child settle in to nursery?

We recommend a minimum of two settling-in sessions – one where you stay with your child for aproximately one hour, chat and get to know your child’s key worker, the other where you leave them for a session of 3 hours.
Depending on how the settling-in sessions go, we are happy to arrange more sessions as necessary.

For ages 0 – 24 months we will also ask you to complete a Routine Sheet so that we understand your child’s daily routine, their likes and dislikes, sleep patterns through the day etc.